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The Goldback is a groundbreaking currency made of spendable small-denomination physical gold. Born from the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011, it combines modern technology with the historical value of gold. Using advanced vacuum deposition, each bill is layered with precise amounts of .9999 fine gold, making it durable and resilient.

The Libertas design, part of the series, captures the essence of liberty. Set in White Mountain National Forest, Libertas holds symbols representing New Hampshire's original seal—a bundle of arrows for counties, fish for commerce, and an eastern white pine tree for exports. The phrase "Vis Unitas Fortior" underscores unity. With a torch, laurel wreath, and stars, Libertas embodies New Hampshire's spirit.

Depicting a family of whitetail deer symbolizes passing liberty's principles through generations. Holding a pine switch, standing on a fallen pine with King George's mark, Libertas recalls the "Pine Tree" Riots of 1732, New Hampshire's stand against British mandates. Her flag reads "An Appeal to God," honoring the rebels' unwavering spirit.

The Goldback unites gold's value, historical narrative, and modern innovation, offering more than currency—it's a tangible link to heritage and freedom.

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